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Just wanted to let you guys know that my 2004 Mustang now runs beautifully!! I am so grateful to not only have found someone who ACTUALLY FIXED IT, but to know where to take my vehicles from now on.
Thanks again!

Joan Carder

You were recommended to me by a co-worker Nancy Cain. I have taken my car into you twice and have been so pleased with the outcome. Everyone makes you feel at home and very special. You have fixed something that I feel the Honda dealership would have charged twice the amount. I took my car in again for front brakes, alignment, and oil change. I am impressed with the importance that your staff has by making me aware of what process was done to complete the services on my car. I would HIGHLY recommend you to others. Thank you for all your kindness and hard work. I’m a LONG-TERM customer that will return for all my service needs. I respect your honesty and your entire staff is awesome.

It is hard to find GREAT customer service now. You are by far the BEST I have seen since the 1960’s when everyone had a reliable mechanic. I thought those days were gone, along came Mike’s Mechanic and saved the day. I have not had the pleasure to work with you since both times I have come in on a Saturday and waited for my car. Whoever is at the front desk, she is WONDERFUL. She is so sweet and her hospitality makes me feel like I’m at home. I have the utmost respect that this is a family owned business. So far, the whole team has been nothing more than EXCEPTIONAL! If it wasn’t for the Cain’s (Nancy and Tom) recommendation I would have never known about you. I would still be going to the Honda dealership and paying their outrageous prices. You are more than welcome to post this on your website. Take care and keep up the good work.
Thanks, and have a great day!

Pam Boll

I can tell you are a first class kind of guy. Your website is a great first impression of your company. I will see you today.

Joey Wenum

I just want to say a BIG THANKYOU for the GREAT service you have given me with my Blazer. YOU and YOUR CREW, are awsome..

Renita Bijeaux

I took my Sebring to another mechanic who told me I needed an entire new transmission, with a grand total of $2,200. When I brought my vehicle to Mike and the guys, I asked them to double-check the original diagnosis and let me know the extent of the damage. As usual, Charles did it with a smile and professionalism. When they got back to me, the result was $670 and the honest truth. The other mechanic was trying to get extra money for doing nothing. Mike and the guys are honest, loyal, and very efficient….a tough combination to beat. Thank-you!

Robb OttenbergWoodstock, GA

I was referred to Mike from a co-worker and I found myself pleasantly surprised by his eagerness to not only work on my car but get to know me. I am a single Mom who has been jerked around by several auto mechanic’s in the past, it was refreshing to have Mike give me honest answers and great pricing. I was told I needed a new transmission by another mechanic and at Mikes, Charlie found out it was a motor mount. Savings of $2,200.00 right off the bat. I will return to Mike for all my auto needs and will recommend him to all friends and family. Mike you are a breath of fresh air for this single Mom, Thank You to your top notch staff for doing such a wonderful job and thanks to you for being such a first-class person and mechanic.

Christy ClarkAcworth, GA

Over the years, we have had several occasions when we needed to utilize the services of a qualified mechanic we could trust. No matter how desperate our situations seemed, Mike was always just a phone call away ready, willing and able to help us. It has been our pleasure to be customers of Mike the Mechanic for over seven years now. Mike’s commitment to providing outstanding customer service while delivering excellent mechanical services has earned him our loyalty as “customers for life” as well as a sterling reputation throughout the community. We have eagerly recommended Mike the Mechanic at every opportunity.

Virgil & Nita CollierAcworth, GA

Mike, thanks for the good work you guys did for me. Because of the work y’all did and the great attitude of everyone there you will get all of the company’s auto work and that of my family. Thanks again.

Tim GarrisonGarrison Motorsports, Canton, GA

I was referred to Mike the Mechanic after moving to Georgia six years ago. He has been a Godsend. What a pleasure to find such an honest and trustworthy mechanic. I have brought vehicles to Mike for the big (engine work) and the small (oil change) and each time found quality work and advise. When I call to make an appointment, he immediately recognizes my name and knows my vehicles. Now that’s service.

Chris VivlamoreWoodstock, GA

Mike and his guys are honest, thorough and provide an excellent service at a reasonable price. Finally, a mechanic you can trust.

Bob AlbertiniBridgeMill Resident