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Thanks for a job well done on my radiator flush and refill! Tires rotated, balanced and front end aligned. They even changed my tail light that was out and did not charge me for it. I’d trust these guys any day!

Bobby Perdue

Mike –
In today’s challenging business environment, i felt is was necessary to commend you on your apparent practice of retaining employees that can duplicate and implement your objectives as an owner.

On the evening of Tuesday Jan 29th, i received a call from my daughter that her car had “broken down” .

For a young lady that is usually a “Take Charge Get it Done” type personality. Being new to the Atlanta area, this situation not only had her at the point of Panic but emotionally paralyzed in what to do.

I am the one that goggled ( foreign auto repair Woodstock GA ) and came across your Web site. Your Web site is what generated the first call to your Hwy 92 location .Once that call was made, Brian answered the call, and Immediately began to gain our trust . He explained the services you offered relative to our situation, the timelines in which the towing and services would provided , the calls he would make back to us to keep us updated as to the diagnosis and estimated cost of repair. All this (sounds typical) of most any repair shop – The difference is – HE ACTUALLY DID THEM – EVERY TIME, exactly when he said he would call all except for one call. And that call came 1 hour late AFTER closing hours- he was still dialed in to our needs and fully representing your business in a manner of highest professionalism, mixed with the still “good guy” spirit of TRUST.

Mike as promised the car was ready on time at the cost estimated. Only surprise was Your Hwy 92 location had delivered far more than promised not only in thoroughly checking out the car for possible future issues and assuring us as parents that our daughters transportation was road worthy BUT Most of all when my daughter Picked up the car, she had new friends. Ones she felt very safe, confident and assured she would call the next time she needed ANY services, Mike the Mechanic offers there in Woodstock. As a parent away from their child, I’m not certain you know just what all you offer there other than the ability “to get um back on the road” but somehow through Brian i sense You do.

I do feel confident you know that everyone of your employees represent what you are trying to accomplish in growing your business. And on this day, If their was an award equivalent to the “Academy Awards” for having preformed in outstanding Character of representing their place of Business for future growth ” Brian would be standing in the spotlights”.

In closing i feel it necessary to share, that as i was Thanking Brian for All he had done – Like any Great leader. he gave the credit back to ” the team” you have there at the Hwy 92 location and to Yourself. He said about you “he’s like my Brother”..

Obviously, one that offers a positive influence and knows how to provide a service that goes beyond the expected.
Congratulations Mike, From All our family, we wish for you much continued Success. I know you will do your part. Know also that we will do ours.

Truly Grateful!

Thomas Russell

I brought in my mecury milan for a 100k tune-up. i received excellent customer service, Fair pricing and felt comfortable bringing my car in for more repairs. Being a woman i find it hard to trust mechanics but I felt comfortable and did not feel that I was being asked to pay for unnecessary repairs. i would recommend anyone to the Roswell location.

Lisa wade

I brought my car Into the Roswell location today and Dennis worked on it. I just wanted to let you know he is great, honest person. He was so helpful and went above and beyond what I asked him to look at. Your services are great and really appreciated. It’s so nice to finally have found a trustworthy mechanic.

Andrea Lewis

Hi Mike,
Thank you for repairing my 2003 Nissan Centra’s cam and crankshaft sensors. After picking up the car yesterday evening (10/31/2012 – Halloween) I notice the power and performance has vastly improved. It feels like it may run with a Dodge Hemi on the track – LOL.
I have to admit, I originally was taken for surprise at my bill, which was more than I first expected, but then realizing the parts were much more than I thought, I am so thankful for your very professional service.
Great job, and I’m glad to know I have a very friendly, and great mechanic close by where I live. Thank you, and God bless!

Bruce Rogers

RE: Chevrolet Trailblazer and Dodge Ram 1500
Mike, I wanted to take some time to write you a letter to express my gratitude to you for your understanding and willingness to assist my wife and I in the process of repairing our vehicle. When my wife contacted you about our vehicle problems we were very concerned about what we were going to do and how we would manage to afford the repairs.
Our troubles started in April when returning from Florida. The Trailblazer started knocking. This was horrible since we had no way at that time to repair the vehicle. Lucky for us, we had a third vehicle that could be used and so the Trailblazer sat in the driveway un-repaired. This Tuesday as you know the engine in our Dodge Ram pickup went out unexpectedly. That was a horrible feeling to know that we are down to one vehicle. We both have jobs and we have two kids. This was obviously a very scary feeling. After making a few phone calls to various mechanics including a friend who owned a repair shop we had all but given up and had no plan on even how we could get to work and get the kids back and forth to school and sports. This leads me to where we are now.
Once we contacted you, my wife felt as though there was some hope. We were still very concerned and extremely disappointed about having to find a way to pay for the repairs that were necessary. The loaner car that you provided my wife with was a nice surprise, in that it was a newer car in great condition. You had the Dodge towed from the mechanic that we had first had it towed to. Once we determined that the repair on the Dodge was not in our budget, you had it towed to our house by a really nice tow truck driver that worked for you. He was very helpful in trying to get it out of the way as best possible.
As a small business owner in a tough economy I have been extremely concerned about the whole situation but as each step of our dealings with you turns out in a positive outcome I feel a little more at ease. My goal at this point is to have you repair the Trailblazer and to provide you with a great review as well as share my experience with everybody that may be interested. Once completed, I will write in detail about how you helped my family when we were down and out.
*Update – The Trailblazer runs great and I am very pleased with the repairs and the awesome staff at MTM. Thanks for your compassion and honesty!

Rick Cheney9/26/12

While on our trip to Cedar Rapids Iowa our 2004 Ford Explorer broke down in Woodstock, GA. Your tow truck delivered our truck to your shop for repairs. I have to thank all involved for such a wonderful place, polite people that really care about you.
It was fixed and on the road we went. My husband is now working in Iowa and has had no problems with it, so happy with your service.
I would highly recommend your shop to anyone that is traveling through Woodstock and I envy people their that use your fine company.
Great workmanship and the staff is awesome.
Repairs taken place on the 14th of Jan. 2012.

Helen J. Villarta

I’ve never owned a new car. I’ve always bought used and I’ve been driving for over 30 years now so you can imagine I’ve been to my share of mechanics. I’m cheap as well so I do my best to make sure what repairs are being done are both necessary and in the right price range.
Recently my suburban needed to have the tranmission rebuilt. I took it to Mike at first just because he was the closest to me. Once he diagnosed the problemed, showed me what had occured with my transmission and had given me the price I started shopping around. He not only hit the diagnosis on the head but had given me the cheapest price I could locate. Mike and his team had me up and running in 2 days and when it came to making the financial arrangments he wanted to make sure that I wasn’t hurting myself or my family. You see it was around Christmas and we really couldn’t afford both Christmas and this. Let’s just say that Mike played Santa last year!
I refuse to take my vehicles anywhere else, even for the occasional oil change I don’t have time to do. His prices even beat the express oil places you see.
Do yourself a favor, go to Mikes!

Chris Bethke

I’m a car guy. I’ve messed around with cars since the late 1960’s. Despite the fact that I can work on my own cars, I take them to Mike’s. He and his crew are simply the best I’ve ever seen.Do yourself a favor and give Mike and his crew a try. You will never go anywhere else.

Kurt Schofield

I just wanted to say thank you. You guys made me feel like I was important even though I had not been there before. You and your team took the time to figure out where the noise was coming form and reassured me that it was my brakes but not my front. Then you guys instead of telling me you needed me to leave my car you recommended to me to check and see if the previous work was still under warranty. Thank you so much for not taking advantage of me and I will continue to bring my car to you guys just for the fact that you are HONEST and you look out for your customers weither new or old. Thank you again!

Jennifer Caffrey